About Photography

Photography provides a creative outlet and a sense of freedom to many people. The photographs that people take can stop moments in time. They can tell stories, market new ideas or products, add to the aesthetic appearance of a room, or document important information. Photos can also communicate information, ideas, moods and feelings. Photographs are truly works of art.

Most people know how to work a digital camera to document events such as birthdays, parties, family vacations, special occasions or everyday events. Professional photographers, however, have the expertise and ability to manipulate photos to achieve a particular effect. Photographers can produce different levels of detail and emphasis through lighting options, angles, background effects, the use of various lenses, and through processing and editing techniques. Many photographers spend more time editing and manipulating their images than they spend actually taking pictures.

Because photography techniques change rapidly, formal career training may be the best way to begin a career in this field. Photographers need a larger set of skills to keep up with the constant changes in technology and equipment. Although not all professional photographers start by earning a photography degree, degree programs are an excellent option for anyone who wants to begin with a solid foundation in the world of photography.

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